$88.00 USD - $222.00 USD

*CUSTOM*20mm~TigerEye Necklace & Bracelet 👑

Red Tiger's Eye is a crystal associated with passion, courage and divinty. Its powers increases ones sex drive and ability to control lustful behaviors. Use this Tiger's Eye during [root chakra 🔴) meditation. Red is a action color so this crystal known to drive action in areas of finance, business and health.

Blue Tiger Eye is godly at raising confidence, flow state, ones protection abilities and connection with higher aspects of consciousness. Use this crystal to connect to the yang ☯️ aspect of 3rd 3y3 innerG. Blue is associated with the Throat Chakra so dont be surprised if it has you speaking your truth openly and more fluidly.

Gold Tiger's Eye is a crystal that amplifies your beauty by removing fear and anxiety for your soul🔥 Use this crystal to balance your emotions and to smooth out any relationship battles you may be having within or without with others. Fast vibing gold has no time to play in the sun because it is the sun, people bask and play in your light, shine bright from the light with in is a great meditation to be mindful of while working with this glorious peace. 🙏🏾

***🎊🎋📣Happy Year Of The Water Tiger 🌊🐅 🎉***

Necklace: 20mm*GLD/BLU/RED TIGER'S EYE × Tiger Headed Spacers × Ancient Chinese Secret Pendant

Bracelet: 20mm*GLD/BLU/RED TIGER'S EYE × (1) 14K Gold bead (8mm)