$7.00 USD - $24.00 USD

💯🖤🌍Raw Afrikan BLACK SOAP & BEAUTY💋 Bars🌍🖤💯

💯🖤🌍Raw Afrikan BLACK SOAP & BEAUTY💋 Bars🌍🖤💯

▪️Afrikan Blavk Soap▪️
Plant-based soap made in West Afrika

Does not contain any dyes, fragrances, chemicals, perfumes or additives


Safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies

Removes bacteria from the skin and is more effective than any medicated soaps on the market

Helps to treat acne

Anti-aging properties with huge boosts in antioxidants

Eliminates dark spots and restores balance to tone

Reduces razor bumps and blemishes

Helps remove makeup Easily 💄

Lessens impact of eczema

Antifungal properties that heals symptoms of athletes foot and others

Non sticky feeling after washing 🧼

Soothes skin from rash and other skin irritations

Clears oil build up, extra exfoliating and Cleans and clears skin!!

Now I'd you still don't want any Afrikan Blavk Soap.... it turns back the hands of time and puts 100k magically in your..shit! 😝

Afrikan Blavk Soap!
Too Much Good Shit To Contest🏳

It's The BEST!!

100% Made In Afrika✔
Great Price✅✅
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